Colorful EVENTS

Красочный день рождения

Kids Point is an international project of freehand painting studios.

We arrange Colorful Birthdays end-to-end. Do you and your little boys and girls like painting? Do you fancy getting the same-day photographs? We arrange an unforgettable Freehand painting style event with vibrant memorable same-day photos for you and your children.

Our studio is a territory of kindness, understanding, and friendship. It's a place where you always want to return. Dear parents, we kindly invite you to share your celebration with us!

About us

For centuries, since the days of cave drawings, art has been a source of communication and recreation.

It wasn’t until the 1940s, though, that art therapy emerged as a distinct health discipline. Art therapists and other related professionals are dedicated to helping patients express themselves through art, leading to better assessments and more effective treatments.

The benefits to a patient’s physical, mental or emotional well-being include:

  • Improving self-esteem
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Facilitating social interaction
  • Lowering anxiety
  • Providing a cathartic release
  • Increasing insight and self-understanding
  • Helping to bypass cognitive defenses

Art Therapy is Backed by Science⭐

Kids will create art that they love without any strict rules or guidelines.

This allows them to explore different techniques without any worry of failure or particular end product in mind.

Painting will also help kids gain confidence by allowing them freedom to create art with no guidelines.

There is no right or wrong
  • Set your party date and time
  • Determining all the specifics of the event
  • Create your guest list
  • Warm-up with a host
  • Art dive-in
  • Kids and parents are active participants in the event
  • Bringing in the cake
  • Making a wish
  • Photoshoot
  • Tea party
Event scenario
Tea & Cake time
Event preparation
A colorful birthday is
Festive music
we also offer and provide
Bubble-making machine
Candles for your cake
Same-day photos and videos
Birthday hats
Coffee & Tea
Birthday room decoration (whiffs, banners and posters)
Why choose us?
  • place
    Our studios are classy, spacious, and light. We have everything for your comfort!
  • location
    Our studios are always in easily approachable locations with a parking lot.
  • unique format of events
    Our events are fun and 100% creative. We keep everybody on board!
  • professional same-day photos
    You don't need to wait for weeks for your vivid event photos. They come right after the celebration on the very same day!
  • personal approach
    Got tired just by looking at your event to-do list? Trust us your thoughts and ideas, and we make your dreams come true at once!
  • Super cool activities in Kids Point. Those classes are not only useful activities for children, but also a rest for adults. We got a huge amount of positive emotions.

    In the photo Alice is a bit angry because mum took away her tasty paint brush and was drawing herself 😅.

    Kids point we love you so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Today we’ve been to a really cool place ❤️ Kids had classes and mums were happy 👌 Not only children but mums also were involved and interested in the process 🙈

    Everybody should try it with Kids Point.

    Thank you once again for those great emotions 😍

  • Today my daughter and I visited sensory activities with Kids Pount. That was awesome! That’s just a dream for a child! You’re let to draw everywhere and to use everything you want! There were different materials and instruments. The class has passed in one breath. Moreover, we got our photos from the party the same day!) The time there flitted away, Eva didn’t want to leave… I recommend to all mums with kids to try those activities! We will come again!) Thank you.

  • We had a free drawing style party. It was really marvellous: everything was bright, colourful, interesting and thought out to the last detail. There wasn’t any loud music. The kids’ attention was always kept. They were busy all the time, they were glad and enjoyed the party. The adults had a great time too!

    The biggest plus was that the birthday party was ready-made for us. We needed only to bring the cake and invite the guests. The stuff held all the party long. We didn’t have any dissatisfied guests. Everyone commented “Thank you! The party was awesome!”

    In thirty minutes after the party I got a link to our photos and videos from the celebration. I’m delighted and really glad that we’ve chosen the Kids Party for celebrating the birthday. Thank you!

  • We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday. The atmosphere was amazing - quiet cheerful music, subtly changing decorations, all time busy kids. The rest was not only for kids but for their parents too! Everything was so harmonic, warm and sincere that we didn’t want to leave. By the way, our 16 year old son who’d been sceptical about the party and even had tried to avoid it 😂, was enjoying everything like all the rest. Thank you, guys, for that magic! We wish you frourishing and good luck!

Our franchise can be yours! We guarantee you pure moments of joy when the project succeeds eventually, although it provides you with long hours of hard work and experiments. Most importantly, our project gives you a wonderful time of cooperation and efficient learning with your children.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to partner with who share our passion for making
  • kids birthdays unforgettable
  • parents easier to organize best party

Purchasing our franchise is the easiest way to begin climbing the ladder of success.
Please, contact us!
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Since 2019, Zhanna Galliamova - the owner of Kids Point has founded a charitable foundation for children with special needs.
The main reason for the foundation's creation is awareness of the integrity of human society, of all living things and participation in responsibility for the world in which we live.

Since 2019, we have been actively holding free holidays for orphanages, boarding schools, social rehabilitation centers, children with disabilities and the poor.

In our studios, all children with additional needs can come to "free drawing" classes for free.

In our studios, all children with additional needs can celebrate their Birthday on special conditions.

You or your company can become a sponsor of such an event and pay for a holiday for a family with a disabled child.

Together we will make the world a better place ♥️